With his latest track, Aeris Roves gives another masterclass in what it means to make truly inspiring, modern R&B. The new cut revels in the space between the sparse beats, where Roves' vocals provide the centre piece as he ruminates through his own thoughts, trying to make sense of the chaos that whirls around his brain. The honeyed melodies are sweet and sultry, never pushing too hard, where Roves' flow feels completely natural and effortless.

Speaking on the track, Rives says it "is a representation of a past state of mind. It's for the times during the early hours of the morning when my mind would race around the same thoughts and feelings. I wrote this to map them out and give myself a clearer understanding of my emotions."

"Running Thru 3am" comes alongside a short film entitled Tunnel Vision that is the visual accompaniment to Roves' much-anticipated debut mixtape, Moon By Island Gardens, which is due to be released later this year.

It goes without saying that things are only going to get more and more exciting for this rising talent, and by the looks of things his new mixtape will likely propel the artist into the stratosphere.

"Running Thru 3am" is out now via RCA Records and available to listen to on Spotify.