Acevedo found inspiration for his solo project after playing with Juan Wauters and Tall Juan on tour ("They are both really special to me and helped me out a lot") and Adore Acevedo was created to "vent and continue growing as an artist and human being."

"I wanted to bring fun to dark topics that no one likes to speak about," he tells me. "Bringing interesting rock music back to the masses without being corny and boring about it. Remember when Capital Records signed the Butthole Surfers (from Texas)?!!!!! We don't see junkie weirdos anymore in the spot light. I think the world needs that again."

"It's ok to cause a little trouble and be negative sometimes. Loves always gonna be around so don't worry"

New cut "Playing It Cool Was Cruton's Middle Name" is about a man named Cruton Jones from Florida. "He had a golden harmonica on the hood of his Ford F-150 and when he drove the wind would cause the harmonica to sing," explains Acevedo. "He was a very positive man and taught me a lot [but] one Christmas he disappeared. His wife says he was taken my aliens but whatever happened he'll always have a special spot in my heart."

The video for "Playing It Cool Was Cruton's Middle Name" was filmed in a dog cemetery in Paris earlier this year. "It's actually the worlds first dog cemetery," says Acevedo. "It was amazing and creepy and begging to be filmed. So I bought a beautiful blonde wig and shot this master piece with a friend from Germany."

Adore Acevedo plays two shows next month: Alphaville in Brooklyn on 2 March with Caracara and Berlin in NYC on 5 March with Crocodiles & AJ Davila.