“I Choose You” is, explains Melchor, “about the feeling of realizing that and simultaneously forgetting everyone else exists. A tunnel vision of love that almost makes you manic.”

The song's lyrics may echo the eternal themes of pop music but it’s the songs lo-fi, woozy production that really hammers it home - thanks to Ethan Gruska (Phoebe Bridgers), Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief) and John Debold - with a shimmering timelessness that, in 2019, feels weirdly progressive.

New Jersey-born singer/songwriter Melchor was born into a family of music teachers and studied opera before cutting his teeth playing at dive bars across his home state and New York. When his band moved to Nashville, Melchor stayed in Jersey City, making more demos and sending them out to whoever would listen. One day a call from LA turned into his first co-write and his first cut. "I Choose You" follows the self-produced single "Joyride” and this year’s sophomore EP Plan On You.