Julia Boman, Amanda Eddestål and Clara Gyökeres are channeling the best of '80s guitar pop on "Out Of My Head", and it's a wild ride.

Combining stuttering synths with overdriven guitar and a propulsive drum beat, Boman's dreamy-yet-urgent vocals tell a tale of going crazy over an (in)significant other. The track threatens to run away into the sunset, and it's not hard to imagine it nestling nicely into the soundtrack for a John Hughes movie. Carefree yet poignant, "Out Of My Head" is VERO's best work to date.

We spoke to the band to find out a little more.

Hey VERO, tell us about the new single...

Julia Boman: "It’s huuuge!"

Clara Gyökeres: “'Out Of My Head'” is a banger, yeah."

Amanda Eddestål: "It’s about being obsessed with someone or something to the point that you can’t think straight. We’re all been there, spiralling down the dark hole just ruining everything for ourselves and everyone."

Boman: "If this song dosen’t make us super-duper famous I’ll cry. Or just write another hit."

How much do you hate singer-songwriters?

Eddestål: "Oh, are you refering to the tweet from the other day? No, I was just provoked by delicate singing and soothing acoustic guitars. How about you guys? How do you feel about singer-wrongwriters, sorry songwriters?"

Boman: "Well to be honest, not alot...

Gyökeres: "But now we’re generalizing, aren’t we?"

Boman: "Yeah it was just a fun wordplay. But I can’t say that I enjoy new singer songwriters at all. Well, it’s mostly the word that bothers me...

Eddestål: "I’m gonna start calling you a singer songwriter, Julia..."

Boman: "Shut up."

What inspires the band?

Eddestål: "New impressions, boring conversations, and of course flat personalities."

Boman: "Hot people, comedy, obsessing over various music genres like a child."

Gyökeres: "Sex, crime, endless horror. Books, music, movies."

How does Vero compare to recording as Julia Vero?

Boman: "Well since I’m the only one who can answer this I guess I have to. It has been massively different. In the end I hated doing music by myself. I didn’t write music or did anything for over a year, I wanted to quit music, but then the band just emerged, and it changed everything. And it sound so cliché, but I think that the Julia Vero-time made me a worse person. I was honestly terrible to the people around me. Playing in a band again is the best thing to ever happened to all of us (I think). But I’m 100% over that time and from now on I don’t wanna talk about it ever again. It’s two very different things."

Eddestål: "This band almost works as a little company, we get inspired by each other and I think that reflects in every picture, every video and every song. We are just having a really great time doing this thing."

What’s next for Vero?

Eddestål: "Next for Vero is to take on every form of creative expression there is. We want to be everywhere and in every way."

Boman: "There’s a music video for 'Out of My Head' coming, and it’s batshit crazy. Can’t tell you more than that, actually. Only that we made everything ourselves. And that it’s crazy."

Gyökeres: "We’re arranging a secret party gig somewhere in Stockholm Oct 27th, and then, naturally, we want to go everywhere. I mean, we haven’t even started yet, have we?"

"Out Of My Head" is out now.