Capturing the same sense of intrigue as Minneapolis outfit Poliça is no mean feat, but Austrian five-some 5K HD succeed in escalating such vision with their new single “Crazy Talk”. Taking the unconventional - and decidedly tricky - route to creating electronic-sounding arrangements with traditional instrumentation, the band of multi-instrumentalists create simultaneously emotive and challenging tracks whilst never losing sight of the pop sentimentality that holds their vision together.

Drawing inspiration from jazz, funk and electronica, “Crazy Talk” deploys restless percussion, frenetic basslines and bubbling undercurrents of synth to conjure beautifully expansive soundscapes. Offset by the soothing vocal of Mira Lu Kovacs - a voice that weaves effortlessly from reserved and matter-of-fact to undulated longing - “Crazy Talk” is a perfect piece of pop for those who enjoy being confronted by a left-field gaze.

As is the case with 5K HD’s new album High Performer, “Crazy Talk” is a criticism of the fast-paced, capitalist world we live in and the sense of dissatisfaction that often comes when we don’t pause to smell our proverbial roses. “That’s where the concept of ‘High Performer‘ comes into play again, as if the performer is subject to a force of nature, captured in a daily grind,” share the band. “He continuously pushes himself to unachievable goals and is never satisfied by the results.

“All the pessimism within is suddenly being vanished away by an encouraging voice: ‘You already are where you want to be: you're doing it’. You are alive, what you are looking for is already happening!”

“Crazy Talk” is available 23 August and new album High Performer is released 6 September via Rough Trade. Follow 5K HD on Facebook. The band play London’s Thousand Island on 7 October.