Stranger Things isn’t the only soundtrack new LP Night Drive will remind you of - there’s elements of the sparse, retro feel of Drive and eerie eccentricity of the recently revived Twin Peaks. That’s not to say their sound is unoriginal - merely refreshingly upfront and honest about its influences.

“This album was largely inspired by a collection of films (and other non music-related art) that we were into when the band first began,” explains Night Drive’s Brandon Duhon of the project’s cinematic feel. “Although it’s not a concept album, a few common themes seemed to emerge as the songs took shape. These themes revolved around the feelings that accompany a dystopian or uncertain future, either on a personal or universal level. Within this bleak feeling is a thin line of exploration or searching - is there is a way to put the pieces back together, or does one just escape?”

Night Drive's eponymous EP is out 16 June. The duo celebrate the release with a string of US tour dates.