Finding a home on German contemporary label Erased Tapes, Ukraine’s Lubomyr Melnyk (above, left) has hooked up with Peter Broderick (above, right) on production duties for new record Corollaries.

The innovative, moving collection showcases the unique direction taken by the composer and pianist, characterised by a mastery of ‘continuous piano music’. Melynk has been active since the early 70s and is also regarded one of the world’s fastest concert pianists with a focus on his instrument that borders on obsessive: he’s as interested in the way a piano sounds as much as how to play it.

Find out what we thought of Corollaries, which is released next week, and listen to the full album right here, below.

Update: The stream isn’t available anymore (your’e too late, folks) but can you listen to an excerpt from the wonderful record here.