The work of 19-year old Seattle native Peter Michel, Hibou’s hazy, irresistible washed out sounds dreamily floated to the top of the pile earlier this year when double A-side ‘Glow’/‘Hollow’ was released. ‘Sunder’, taken from his debut EP Dunes offered up much of the same shimmering pop ambience.

Showing his full hand today in celebration of the release of said EP, Hibou’s winning streak looks set to continue for some time. Recorded by Michel in his house, Dune is the sonic equivalent of skimming your hands over a cool stream on a hot day, the sensation of gently bristling long grass against your bare legs, of sunset flares and epic nostalgia stirring adventures.

The four new tracks (in addition to ‘Sunder’) you can wrap your ears around below are all variations on the young producers perfect lazy summer afternoon theme. ‘Valium’ sees jangling guitar strings dart in and out of airy percussion whispers and fluid, low pitch vocals while ‘Above Us’ brings a faster, west coast rhythm to proceedings. ‘In The Sun’ is a subtler offering, driven by keys and a more minimal composition while ‘Motion’ feels restrained, easily the most blurred vision yet.