The magic of Konradsen starts in an Oslo bedroom amongst flora, fauna and synthesizers. It is there the group’s architects Eirik and Jenny create gentle ambient grooves with a Scandinavian twist - songs for blissful mornings and falling in love.

First single “Never Say A” is a sublime piece of production work focused around piano and voice with electronic inflections and tasteful horns interspersed through out. If there was ever a song that fit snugly into the genre "Nordic Lounge" it would be this.

Konradsen worked with Tom Carmichael (James Blake/Chance The Rapper) and Matt Colton (James Blake/Arctic Monkeys) on the track and both individual’s contributions are evident.

In their own words: "With 'Never Say A', we wanted to show the playful side of this project. We try to combine experimenting with samples, lots of flugelhorn tracks and warm fuzzy vocals. Lyrically, the song is about breaking out of a role that is given to you. “I would never steal your story”. It’s fragments of thoughts you have, expectations and wishes. For us the ending is a summary, where you arrive in a good and dreamy place."

Never Say A is out now via Su Tissue Records.