Private Lives

A song of people losing their inhibitions and losing their selves behind closed doors, or losing their minds in public. I'm fascinated by public/private conflicts, from the almost prosaic debauchery of the S&M MP to the surreal anomaly of the Russian druglord who dreams of being a Hollywood director. Cuts That Don't Bleed, the EP title, is from this song.

Recreational TV

We pieced together this song with the sounds of industrial post-punk ringing in our ears. The clattering, echoey factory scapes of Iggy Pop's The Idiot, early Simple Minds, the grandness of Depeche Mode all fed in. We topped it with a mega-chanted chorus featuring our friends from BABY STRANGE, The Lapelles, Lucia Fontaine, THE CUT, and THE NINTH WAVE.

Step Up

"Step Up" is a missive from an angry world, where parents eat their young, trickle-down never trickles down, and we kill the things we love. It's the paranoia that sends people down strange alleyways of half-truth and outright lies. Scarily, 2016 is doing its best to prove this song right and then overtake it entirely.

I Liked You Better When You Needed Me

"I Liked You Better When You Needed Me" is the weird acrobatics of human relationships. This song is prodding at that rock and seeing what’s underneath, whether it’s a lover losing their lust or a leader losing control. Sometimes that need for attention leads us into strange places. We shot a video for this on the beach at Knokke, a faded Belgian seaside town we were passing through on a European adventure.

WHITE's Cuts That Don't Bleed EP is out now. Grab the limited edition 10".