How Do You Know

With this track we wanted to create a cool mix between the past and the future. Old '80s vibes with a production from 2016. Definitely tried to enter a darker realm we hadn’t explored before, a healthy balance of pop and dark elements. Shawn and Julian did some serious improvements on this track.


We wanted to do a metal song and "Ninjas" is result we came up with.The idea was to create a Judas Priest/Atari song. There's something magical about short and fast songs... we cant wait to start playing this one live!

Sunday Games

What would happen if Izzy Stradlin and Martin Gore wrote a song together? That was the question for this one. Don’t know if we nailed it but it definitely sounds big and has an epic ending. We love the guitar sounds and the synth arrangements. I remember feeling so excited after hearing this song for the first time once Julian and Shawn put their special sauce in it.

No Man’s Land

This is the romantic ballad in the EP. You can’t have an EP or album without one... I dedicated this song to my wife. Julian helped out with the vocal melody and that gave me better ideas about what the lyrics should be like. We generally have our demos pretty polished and we wanted to leave this one more to Shawn and Julian to work on.

The Wall Of Goth EP is out now via Cult Records.