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Track By Track: Fufanu on Sports

01 February 2017, 15:00

Icelandic three-piece Fufanu write for us about each of the songs on new record Sports, which is also being debuted ahead of its release later this week.

The Reykjavík-based group have worked with Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner on their narcotic offering - they told us about how it all came together late last year. The final, finished edition of Sports is a psychedelic concoction, swirling glacial shards of electronica, Krautrock motoriks, grimy post-punk riffs, and woozy, gloopy vocals into one gigantic knot of brilliance. It's an all-consuming release that'll have you on tenterhooks from first note to last beat.

Listen below and read the band's Track By Track guide afterwards.


"Sports" is definitely a love song, even though its main theme is desire. When you were a child and wanted something you always got the answer “no, not now” from your parents and those things probably go on through your lifetime, but with different scenarios of course. "Sports" is about desire for a chocolate brownie that isn’t sure if it wants to be yours, but in the end you manage to prove to the brownie that you are worth it!

Gone For More

It’s the techno song of the album, four to the floor, synths arpeggio in the lead and dirty synth bass glue it all together. The theme of the track is development: Going from knowing someone, to becoming friends, to become lovers, to be in a relationship and were does that all stop?


"Tokyo" is the first song from this record we worked on with Nick that made us realise that we wanted to work together. It’s about coming back to your wins and losses in your daily reality after a week in Tokyo. Best/weirdest vacation I ever had, cut from the universe and placed in the mad bubble that Tokyo is.

White Pebbles

Looking back in time and understanding all the little things you didn’t get back then but are so obvious today. The title "White Pebbles" comes from the Brothers Grimm’s story Hansel and Gretel. To cut a long story short, Hansel and Gretel are captured in the forest by an old witch and Hansel uses white pebbles to mark the escape route, because they light up in the moonlight.

Just Me

Ever had that feeling that you just don’t fit where you once felt you belonged? Trying to find a way to fit in again but having doubts if it’s something more than just you. Worrying about losing something that you haven’t lost, that’s everything this song is about.


"Liability" is a song about our responsibility as a dot in a society. Take Brexit, the new President of USA or even just the recent parliament election in Iceland for an example. They all had one thing in common: Lack of votes by the younger generation. It’s truly sad that things are going the way they are and that people actually don’t care about their society because their life is going alright and they are numb towards the exisistance of the society. All because they don’t think their vote matters. It has to change.

Bad Rockets

It all began as an oath against greed. How only a number of people think that they can do whatever they want to gain more and more on the cost of others. It turned into this fight song of how we should not give up for people who are above us or don’t believe in us.

Syncing In

The title says it all. It’s a track about two people syncing in, into each other routines and adjusting if something fails. The title says it all. It’s a track about two persons syncing in, into each other routines and adjusting if something fails. Driven by a guitar and polished together with string synths that dissolve into a synth eruption that finish the track.

Your Fool

Know the feeling when the bar scene is not doing anything for you? All your friends are on a great amusement track but you feel happy just watching and then disappearing with someone special. All those little things, walking home, watching the moon and being held tight is something we all can enjoy.


"Restart" is a song were I’ve painted a picture of mistakes, but actually that is not the case, just me overreacting. So just like in a video game where you’ve played yourself into a corner, I would like to retry and learn from previous attempts. We can’t really restart anything in our life other than computers, so the word restart is some kind of a metaphor for me to keep going, a bit wiser than yesterday.

Sports is released 3 February 2017 via One Little Indian. You can pre-order now.
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