A few weeks later "Help Me On Me Way" heard the band air their poppier but no less inviting side. Now, we hear the full fruits of their labour on their debut EP, Universe, here accopanied by an exclusive track-by-track guide


We wrote in the winter of last year. Rob came to me with the guitar Riff and said “can you sing on this?” There was an old piece of GCSE revision stuck on my wall about lunar phases so a lot of the lyrics were inspired by that. 

Help Me On My Way

We wrote it three years ago. But it's gone through a couple of different versions. It was a very basic piano song with only three chords when Katy wrote it. It was only when we demoed it and Rob added his parts that the song became the song that it is now. 

Call Up

Call up was the second song that I wrote on the piano. When I showed it to Rob he really didn’t like it. However a few weeks later Rob wrote a guitar riff for it. The lyrics really came out from nowhere. I never normally sit down and think of a theme to write. It’s quite an enigmatic song and people can interpret it how they like.

The Garden

I wrote "The Garden" after watching the whole of Pride and Prejudice television series in one go. I wrote the chorus first and the lyrics "take me to the parlour my love is in the garden" were definitely to do with scenes in the series. After writing the chorus I went back to the verses and wanted to write lyrics that sounded like they were coming from a young girl singing about her life.