It’s upbeat and high energy in places, but still has an overall sense of calmness. We wanted to create an honest pop record that people can fit their own stories and relate to the situations we write about. Creating something relatable is so important to us. It’s completely us, written + produced by us.  


"Speechless" was one of the first songs we wrote when we moved out of a home studio, into a proper production studio - it was an exciting time for us. When we finished this song, all three of us instantly knew that we'd created something special. There was just something that kept us wanting to listen to the song over and over. This song is pretty simple really - its about being so head over heels for somebody, that they make you lost for words. 

Her (Loving You)

This was the second song we ever wrote together. When we had the cool guitar riff, we knew it was going to be good. This one's a break up song; where you're at the breaking point in a relationship but you're not over them and still love them. This was also quite a defining song for us, it pushed us in our melodies, which got us eager to create even catchier ones.


Take this song at face value and you could think it's pretty upfront about breaking up with someone - but "Skylines" is quite the opposite. It’s a progressive story; you need to listen to the whole song to understand what it’s about, not just the chorus alone. Most of the resolve actually happens in the second verse and bridge. 

Summer Air

We wanted to change it up a little, and create something a little brighter, and a little more feel good. "Summer Air" was one of those songs that happened in that time. Life goes on, we all need to move on from something - often to bigger and better things - and not be held down. "Summer Air" as a metaphor is heart warming, and makes you feel like you have something incredible to look forward to. 


Funnily enough, this was a song we didn’t think was our best. We knew it was cool, but not cool enough to have the success it's had. There’s a saying that goes around that one song can change your life, and this is the song for us. Seeing the way people have reacted to it has blown our minds! We'd written a bunch of break up songs before "Drive" and before we wrote this, Karina kinda jokingly said, "Let's try writing a positive song this time." This song is snapshot of a relationship and being in love.

I Want You So Bad

This is one of our favourites. It’s a cool, slow jam song, with a chorus melody that you can easily sing over and over. It’s about wanting to be with someone, but because of personal insecurities, you feel like you may not be good enough for them.

This Is What It's Like is out now.