Burn It All Out

This is a template for the record. It’s about a rebirth, re-skinning, and coming out of the darkness in catharsis. “All your worries inside, all the panic within you, burn it all out,” says it all.


This is asking a big question: what does it mean to be a human? This was something at the forefront of our mind when writing this record, particularly in a world beginning to be divided by populism and a tragic refugee crisis.


"Animal" is about breaking out of the walls that in some way confine everybody. They can be emotional, existential, or otherwise, but no matter whan is holding you down, breaking free is possible and essential - “I used to live with walls around me/ I was living in a cage but not any more."


"Dance" is about the insomnia that can totally consume you and affect your daily life. It’s often at night when anxiety creeps in; “Are you worried about your sleep, what you holding on to?” The lyrics and wobbly nature of the tune reflect the numbness and clumsiness that come hand-in-hand with not sleeping. It’s groovy just because it just is, and has a badass guitar solo because it just has.


"Down" came into being while we were going through quite a dark time while writing the record. Nobody really talks about it, but mental health is a big problem that is severely underplayed. The more open we are as a society about it, the more people can talk and express how they’re feeling. Hopefully the song may inspire people to feel like they’re not so alone in it and open up.


Lyrically "Dreamer" is quite personal. It's about breaking free from what is expected of you, and letting your demons go. It’s so easy to get depressed and stay in that hole, but what is hard is to face up and plough on. That tune really does that for us. It’s a massive catharsis playing that one live and sounds totally huge.


Youth is about death and humanity's existential fear of it. We’re “branded as children” by it, and it colours our existence. That feeling of going backwards is something we feel we all can resonate with at some point in our lives.


"Waiting" is about waiting rooms, politics, people waiting to be processed, people asleep on runways dreaming of their families and children. It’s a song about despair and it’s our way of saying you’re not alone in it.


"Punch" is about domestic violence and breaking free from these vicious cycles. It was a difficult song to write and perform live but, like "Down", something that we felt was really important to get out in the open. Violence towards women happens all the time and is usually hidden. To break the cycle the first thing to do is to get it out in the open. That’s our way of doing that.

Sunny Hills is out now.