Sami Toroi: It’s interesting how a lot of bands that were really big at the time are not present in that film. They focus on this rock thing, but still leave out bands like Nirvana or Guns N’ Roses.
Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Take Alice Cooper and Aerosmith, the two main bands that were featured in the films. They started their careers already in the 60s and 70s.
Sami: Maybe they were safer options, not corrupting the contemporary youth so much.
Jaakko: Too edgy perhaps. Alice Cooper still felt dangerous in the film, even though he had been established for a while. At least back then I felt like that.
Sami: Still, the characters or the movies as a whole are not rebellious in any way.
Jaakko: I’m surprised that Wayne’s World was originally a Saturday Night Live sketch. This is new to me. So the original sketch only showed the TV series Wayne and Garth were making in the basement of Wayne’s parents’ place. The two films take it further and turn them into real characters.
Sami: A rock fan lifestyle.

Jaakko: Really a collection of clichés.
Sami: If done today, it’s difficult to see how they would approach phenomena that exist in our time. In a way, they don’t say much about their time either.=
Jaakko: Yes. If you take things like electronic music, it simply doesn’t exist in their world.
Sami: Nor do things like hip-hop, or anything else for that matter, except for that classic rock thing. It’s almost like a protest. Hard to see Wayne and Garth liking synth music.
Jaakko: The films are rather conservative.

"Their enthusiasm towards those rock idols would’ve just been hopelessly out-dated, had it been made in, let’s say, 2002 or something." - Sami Toroi

Sami: It shows how by the 90's, rock music had reached a fixed form. Maybe in the 70's, the clichés and standards did not exist, or at least not in the same way, since the whole thing was still relatively new. Wayne’s World could not have been made back then, nor could it have been made much after the early 90s either. Their enthusiasm towards those rock idols would’ve just been hopelessly out-dated, had it been made in, let’s say, 2002 or something.
Jaakko: In the 70's they had to experiment more. In Wayne’s World they are aware of their ideals when it comes to music and looks. It’s already an existing concept.
Sami: A format, yes. They’re going for that.

Jaakko: How about Wayne’s girlfriend Cassandra? She seems to be from a different world, not joking around like the guys.
Sami: Classic gender roles. Men are allowed to act like adolescents while women are expected to be mature and stable. She’s not completely passive though.
Jaakko: The female characters are much more one-dimensional. It’s more about the male angle. The dudes are depicted with greater depth.
Sami: That’s clearly the case here, which is not exactly surprising.
Jaakko: It would be interesting to see Wayne’s World 3. I see Mike Myers is currently writing it.
Sami: Could be just a rumour. Nevertheless, would be nice if they made a melancholy and emotional drama instead of a comedy, but I doubt it.
Jaakko: Like we discussed, that world doesn’t translate into the time we’re living now.

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