After a strong 2011, there’s been a distinct lack of innovative and genuinely exciting new pop music to emerge from Denmark these past 12 months. It’s with open arms then that we welcome MØ (Karen Marie Ørsted), who debuted with the horn drenched skank-a-thon  ’Pilgrim’ just a few months back and, after the usual A&R bun fighting, signed with Sony across Scandinavian territories and Chess Club here in the UK.

Lazy references to the ‘Danish Grimes’ aside,  the reception to Ørsted’s fluid genre-defying grooves has been nothing short of bewildering, but it’s with her live performance that the young Copenhagen based artist really shines. Possessing an energy so embracing and down right ballsy, her on-stage persona is pure and filled with knife edge drama that doesn’t let up for one second. And of course, it helps that her songs are just as impressive. Mixing a dizzying amount of influences and reference points (Wu-Tang Clan to Fever Ray, Santigold to Lykke Li),  Ørsted manages to emerge sounding unique and completely in control of her own world – a world that we very much want to be a part of.

Big things await. - Rich Thane



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