So the dream is over - let's collectively wallow in sad bangers and weep for what once was. You could just whack on the Mr. & Mrs. Smith OST, but that stirs too many difficult memories for us right now, so we've made a mixtape to soundtrack the end of one of the most iconic celebrity partnerships in living memory: Brangelina.

Side A: Angelina

Nine Inch Nails - "Every Day Is Exactly The Same"

"Sometimes I think I'm happy here / sometimes, yet I still pretend / I can't remember how this got started / but I can tell you exactly how it will end..." Oh Mr. Reznor, you speak to us in ways no other human can.

Skeeter Davis - "The End Of The World"

It might feel like the end of the world, Skeeter, but sometimes all you need is a good ol' cry. Come on, let it all out.

The Prodigy - "One Love"

If a teary ballad won't rouse you from your doldrums, perhaps some red-eyed breakbeat will? It should at least distract you for a while if nothing else.

Lana Del Rey - "Once Upon A Dream"

Lana Del Rey is the goddamn master of modern tearjerkers, so keep the tissues handy for this morbid Disney cover.

The Dandy Warhols - "The Last High"

The Dandy Warhols are oddly poignant during this drugged-out ode: "I am alone / but adored by 100,000 more..."

Turn the page for Side B: Brad.

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