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Introducing: Mumdance

Introducing: Mumdance

04 November 2010, 10:30

With his debut Mum Decent EP in all good record shops Adrian Mules caught up with the man behind Mumdance – Jack Adams.

Hi Jack, Mumdance is an interesting name. How did you come up with it?

Mumdance is a stupid word that I made up when I was drunk. People always try an be too clever an abstract with their names & load them with meaning that isn’t really there. Mumdance doesn’t mean anything at all, it just sounds funny an made me laugh when I thought of it.

So, what’s your background?

I started my career as a promoter in Brighton putting on Drum an Bass parties when I was 18 or so, then I started working for Vice Magazine as their Events Manager when I was 23. Then halfway through that I started the Mumdance thing & it kind of took over everything else

When did you start making music?

I started making music when I was 15 or so, just messing around with beats and samples. I used to work for a promoter who shared an office with a producer called Ed Solo, so I always used to sit in on the studio sessions when Det & Brockie used to come down to record. When I did a bootleg of Diplos remix of the Black Lips, a couple of years ago I got the spotlight thrown on me & loads of remix requests. So I had to learn on my feet really. I’m glad it happened that way though, high pressure situations can be good for creativity.

Is your EP the first “official” release of your own stuff prior to the remixes you’ve done?

My discography runs like this: I did 15 or so remixes in 2008 / 2009 then at the end of 2009 I released a track with Brodinski called “Eurostarr” on Southern Fried, then this year I released a track with AC Slater on Trouble & Bass called “Transatlantic Riddim” produced Jammer’s & Boy Better Know’s single “Ten Man Roll” with Shortstuff & Brackles. Then I thought it was time to concentrate on my own material so I released a mixtape of 17 of my unreleased original tracks called Different Circles ( Free download here: & then my debut solo EP on Mad Decent.

What was the first record you chose and bought for yourself?

On Cassette – Betty Boo – Boomania
On Cd – Cypress Hill – Temples of Boom
On Vinyl – Double 99 RIP Groove

The EP has got a really wide mix of styles on the three tracks, how did three tracks come about?

There was no real method to what I was writing; it just kinda came out this way. The EP is a collection of – in my opinion – 3 of my best productions to date. I wrote ‘Sacrifice’ about 2 years ago so I’m glad it’s finally getting a release! ‘Forget Me Now’ is my first foray into writing lyrics and writing a track which is in a proper “song” structure as opposed to a club structure. I’m really happy with ‘Smasher’ as it sounds exactly how I wanted it to sound – it’s not often that producers can say that.

Did you have collaborators in mind when you were writing or did you think “MC Badness would be perfect for this” when it was completed?

I didn’t have Badness in mind when I started the track, it was just going to be an instrumental, but then when it got to a certain stage I was like, “This track has got Badness’ name all over it” I don’t think anyone could have done what he did on the tune; he is a very talented MC. Me and Esser got together after he heard a DJ mix of mine that I did for 1xtra. Me an Esser work really well together, I look forward to making more music with him in the future

If you could remix any track in the history of musical endeavours what would you chose and what would you do with it?

Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones, I think I could do something really nice with that, I wouldn’t want to make it a club track, but do a kinda “kerplunk” re work; like I did with my Maximo Park remix (which you can download along with all my other remixes for free here)

What are you plans following the EP?

My next EP comes out on No Hats No Hoods an is a UK Grime EP featuring Trim & Jammer. The lead track is called “Tarahtid” and should be out in a month or so. Then I’m writing my follow up Mad Decent release.

Well done! Your legs have been selected for a cybernetic upgrade. Would you rather have wheels, skis or springs?

Springs please. Cant believe you are trying to stitch me up offering ski’s! How would that work in the UK? I’d be house bound, is that what you were after? This is an outrage!

Take it up with Jeremy Kyle!! Some of my most embarrassing childhood memories revolve around my mum dancing to the ‘The Birdie Song’ in public. Have you had similar relative-dancing-humiliations?

Thinking about it, my Mum always used force me to dance when we were on holiday at like hotel evening entertainment when I was all young and awkward. I know she had her best intentions at heart but I used to hattttteeeeee it .

What are the five songs you’d least like to see mums dancing to?

M Beat – Incredible
Machel Montano – Jumbie
Zoelah – Wine Up On Me
Bakalla – Short Controlled Bursts
Wargore – Brutally Mutilated

That’s a brilliant list! I agree entirely. What posters did you have on your bedroom wall?

I used to have loads of flyers for like south coast Hardcore & Jungle raves. I got a massive collection of old rave flyers somewhere; me and my mates used to trade them like football stickers.

If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

The same thing any other red blooded male would do….

Scaletrix marathon? So finally, what’s next on your to-do list?

Write an album, start a record label, tour round the world a bit more, have dinner, watch Eastenders…. oh I might tidy my room somewhere along the line too.

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