This week: The slightly pastier-looking one from The Tough Alliance!

Favourite dance?
I believe it was Aristotle who first said, human is a dancing animal.

Best place in Sweden to set an old English epic?
Southern Sweden.

Would you say that the use of baseball bats in your stage shows glorified violence?
I would say that all music, on some level, glorifies violence. Music is a very primal need. Like sex and violence fit so incestuously together, well so does music. And music and sex for that matter (laughs).

Best stock reading-out-script joke?
When the stupidest character says the stage directions, rather than performing them.

Favourite brand of mineral water?
Highland Spring.

Favourite part of the whiskey-making process?
Peat firing.

Greatest environment tragedy in British history?
Draining of the fens.

How do you believe syphilis originated, and why?
I believe that it was brought to Europe from the New World in the sweet, mushy flesh of potatoes stolen from the natives, who were also raped. This was, naturally enough, a punishment for the rape (as you might imagine, rape always comes with a punishment- this is the etymology of the word)

In Sweden, how does anyone see anything in the winter, if it is always dark?
Give up and hibernate instead. Some migrate south, particularly fishermen who rely on the hot seas of the south in winter for their livelihood.

Have you two out of TTA actually ever been on a slightly homoerotic motorcycle ride together?
This is how we get to the studio every morning.

Thanks Henning or Eric!

mp3:> The Tough Alliance: ‘Holiday’
Taken from the album The New School, out now via Service.

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