With his brand new, politically charged album Monkey Mind’s In The Devil’s Time out now, we catch up with Steve Mason about his personal nightmares, superpower aspirations and who he’d most like to apologise to.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?
Jack Nicholson

What would your superpower be and why?
Flight. Who does not want to soar in the heavens?

What’s your idea of heaven?
I think it would be to have a family. Have kids and take care of them. On my own Island. In the Pacific. With a wife. And a recording studio.

What one thing have you learnt from your parents?
Never go back to a lit firework.

What song do you wish you’d written?
‘Sooner or Later’ by The Beat

If you could say something to your 15 year old self, what would it be?
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.

What’s your re-occurring nightmare?
That I live alone forever and never find love.

What song will they play at your funeral?
‘Nothing But A Heartache’ by The Flirtations.

What five people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Bill Hicks, Hugo Chavez, Viv Albertine, Francis Bacon( not the artist, the philosopher) and Christopher Hitchens. ( I am aware all except Viv are dead!)

Who would you most like to apologise to and why?
The people of the DRC ( Democratic Republic of Congo ). We all owe them an apology for ignoring what is happening there.

Steve Mason’s new album Monkey Mind’s In The Devil’s Time is out now. Steve Mason will be playing The Village Underground in London on 11 April. For a full list of dates head here.

Photograph by Kevin Morosky.