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SG Lewis steps into the spotlight on his ambitious double LP AudioLust & HigherLove

"AudioLust & HigherLove"

Release date: 27 January 2023
SG Lewis – AudioLust & HigherLove – Album Artwork
23 January 2023, 15:20 Written by Finlay Holden

After honing his skills behind the decks, British producer SG Lewis dropped his succinct and transportive debut record, times, in 2021. With that first full impression establishing the artist’s impressive skillset, its successor reveals a whole new world of potential from a more thoughtful singer and songwriter.

While the shift in intent has been hinted at with past cuts (“Fall”), the fifteen songs making up this project deliver a fully-fleshed vision of SG Lewis finally embracing the spotlight. His recent live shows have been revealing this newfound confidence too; Sam Lewis has moved closer to the front of global stages as his own voice has been featured more prominently on a fresh wave of thrilling tracks.

Although both new and familiar voices appear – Tove Lo lends him “Call On Me” from last year's Dirt Femme, while Channel Tres returns for “Fever Dreamer” alongside the sultry sounds of Charlotte Day Wilson – all collaborative efforts serve only to heighten the emotional impact of the overarching lust-versus-love thematic, as the record draws a line between the attitudes with its title and two-disc split. Distinct worlds are clearly defined, with the desire-driven first half sonically defined by moody bangers (“Infatuation,” “Missing You”), and it’s more wholesome and euphoric companion embracing a life of fulfilment (“Lifetime,” “Something About Your Love”).

Backed by the trust of his co-writers, SG Lewis’ residential writing sessions have enabled him to dive deeper and open up wider than ever before; if times sought to throw listeners onto the dancefloor where they could forget their worries, AudioLust & HigherLove tackles these lingering thoughts and concerns head-on. Addressing obsession and guilt as well as joy and honesty, a brave and honest analysis of his own hand lets Lewis bring his audience further into his brain than he has permitted previously.

This extension of his abilities comes as a result of deliberately abandoning any comfort zones in order to grow as a producer, writer and singer, but it’s hard to compare to past releases. Lewis isn’t trying to best himself here, but instead follows a creative trail which lies on fundamentally different roots than any other of his projects.

That being said, this is undeniably Lewis' most impressive work – offering a broad and colourful collection of songs that are refreshing and surprising as they are powerful and striking. Easily overlooking the occasional overindulgence, AudioLust & HigherLove offers no lacklustre moments to speak of. If you love the dancefloor and are willing to expand your tastes a little, this is the album you need to blast on repeat.

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