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FLETCHER embraces the chaos of catharsis on In Search Of The Antidote

"In Search Of The Antidote"

Release date: 22 March 2024
FLETCHER In Search Of The Antidote cover
20 March 2024, 09:00 Written by Emily Savage

Whether she’s name-dropping her ex’s girlfriend or intimately detailing past relationships, FLETCHER’s unhinged pop ethos has made her no stranger to causing an internet frenzy, and her sophomore album is set to be no exception.

Arriving following a year which saw the New Jersey-born star go from reigning in 2023 on stage alongside Miley Cyrus to battling with Lyme Disease, In Search Of The Antidote emerges as the product of considerable emotional turmoil. And yet, it stands as some of her most fiercely honest work to date.

Whilst debut album Girl Of My Dreams navigated through gut-wrenching breakups and personal insecurities to ultimately conclude that self-love takes precedence; In Search Of The Antidote takes an entirely different approach. Providing a tumultuous investigation of identity and fulfilment, it encapsulates the messiness, bitterness, and, at times, ugliness of healing. It’s the latter that prevails in opener “Maybe I Am”. Anchored by a raw, visceral texture, the track delves into the gut-wrenching repercussions of having your most vulnerable experiences be subject to public scrutiny, as powerhouse belts serve as defiant bite-backs to scathing online criticism.

With an already well-established reputation for voicing her most unfettered thoughts, the intensity of FLETCHER’s confessions should come as little surprise – and yet, her tell-all accounts continue to strike impact. On “Doing Better”, TikTok-uproar-inducing verses juxtapose a contemplative chorus, as she wrestles with her own ego. “Your girlfriend never thanked me / For making her go viral / Fuck it, I’m her idol!” she boasts – a line that is undoubtedly going to be screamed fervidly by fans on her upcoming tour. Leaning further into her boundary-pushing pop vision, “Lead Me On” ruminates on lingering heartache through pop-rock production, meanwhile electro-infused “2 Things Can Be True” grapples with unreciprocated feelings.

The album’s B-side navigates some of the more introspective moments. From the bittersweet nostalgia of the “Eras Of Us” bridge to the deep-cutting lyricism of “Crush”, the strength in FLETCHER’s narrative abilities is placed firmly in the limelight. It’s this mind-wandering songwriting that serves as a focal point between cascading synths in “Pretending”, securing the track as a clear album highlight. Revelling in the relatable trope of questioning whether the people that you pass in daily life (like the barista who serves your coffee) could be your soulmate, it channels unbridled candour in tackling even the somewhat niche experiences.

The suitably titled “Antidote” brings the project to a resonant close. Clocking in at over four minutes, it’s the album’s longest offering, and provides a dreamy meditation on love and escapism. “You’re the medication I wanna take / You are my antidote” ethereal vocals divulge. Given, it may not be the most revelatory conclusion that could have been drawn, but it’s a decidedly fitting one, nonetheless.

Free from all façades, In Search Of The Antidote is an unapologetic reflection of the non-linearity of healing. Wrapping the messiness of post-breakup emotions into rule-bending pop cuts, it once again proves that nobody does heartbreak anthems quite like FLETCHER.

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