Canadian City Guides #6 // Women’s Calgary

Having just released their sophomore album Public Strain, Women are just about to hit the UK for a handful of dates. We caught up with the band earlier this month for the latest in our occasional series of Canadian City Guides.

Who are you and what city are you from?

My name’s Patrick Flegel and I live in Calgary, Alberta. The heart of the new west.

What is the city known for (and is that fair?)

Halloween sluts, the Calgary tower, the Calgary Stampede, the Sled Island music festival. There’s a popular hot dog restaurant here as well.

If we were come to the city for the first time, what would be the first thing you would take us to see and why?

We still couldn’t completely rule out getting ‘ faggots ‘ yelled at us but I’d take you to the bird sanctuary. In the information centre there’s a video camera you can spy on people with.

Best place to grab a bite to eat?

I am a fan of Rajdoot on 4th street. A vietnamese sub sandwich is an affordable option at Thai Thai or Kim Ahn, both on 17th avenue.

Good places to see a show?

Right now, Central United Church. It’s a magical space, I saw Deerhoof there recently!

If we wanted to pick up a copy of your new record, where would be the best place in the city to go?

Sloth or Melodiya, both on 17th avenue.

What would be your perfect day in the city?

The day I can be naked from the waist down at a sporting event, legally.

Outside the city walls: best day trip outside of the city? Why?

Drumheller dinosaur museum because it’s truly amazing. Fossils are IN this region.

Local Legend: one person (or group of people) (musical or otherwise)
who is held to be a legendary figure in the city (and why?)

Probably the homeless guy that looks like Charles Manson. He’s a reasonable guy. I don’t understand how he survives the winter but clearly he’s determined. Years will pass then I’ll see him around. He’s resilient, he’s an inspiration.

We would like you to make us a playlist featuring bands from the city (past and present)

1. Beneath These Idle Tides – My Heart Collapses
2. Morgan Greenwood – Apple Juice
3. Manchild – Stark White Morning
4. The Ostrich – Dead Horse Discount
5. Puberty – Common Sense

Has living in the city had much of an affect on the music you create? If so, how? Is there a Calgary “Scene”?

I feel writing and recording music has always been about escaping the city and the scene and everything else. Just conveying/creating something for my own gratification. There’s definitely a scene here. Some exceptional bands and beautiful people.

I don’t leave my house very often but like I recently saw a show at this church and it was fantastic. Beneath These Idle Tides, Morgan Greenwood and Memory Screen played. Tonight, I’m going to a show at a friend’s house to see friends’ bands and talk with friends. A good
crew here.

What has been your most memorable live show? Have you got anything special planned for your UK dates?

Probably this show we did in a dungeon in Prague with our friends Basketball. Playing there and in Zagreb we couldn’t stop laughing. ‘How the fuck did we end up here’ kind of thing.

For the UK shows, you can expect zany cameos from members of Cold Pumas and Fair Ohs!

You can catch Women, zany cameos and all on the following dates:

01 – London, Cargo
02 – Manchester, Deaf Institute
03 – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
04 – Glasgow, Captain’s Rest
05 – Newcastle, Cluny
06 – Brighton, Freebutt