The Best Fit Interview

Krill: “The seven-minute rock song is back!”

We talk Boston, long songs, dogs and apple cores with Krill.

The Districts: “We like to experiment with the original idea”

We talk Tom Waits, growing up in a small town, and Good Housekeeping with the youthful Pennsylvania quartet.

Renaissance Woman: Charli XCX

With new record Sucker confirming her talent as both performer and writer, Charli XCX opens up about the formula behind twenty-first century popstardom.

Sleater-Kinney: “We’re still a work in progress”

As the legendary Olympia trio release their first full-length in a decade, Corin Tucker discusses the best-kept secret of 2014 with Best Fit.

Childhood: “We write pop songs because we like them”

We talk to Childhood about their brilliant year, the future of guitar music and the meaning of success.

Tanya Tagaq: “It’s an issue having people coming and telling you how to live from so far away”

Andy Hannah speaks to the Polaris-winning Tanya Tagaq, to find a woman making an impassioned defence of a way of life that's under threat from a number of sources.

Tim Burgess on the return of the Charlatans: “We threw the kitchen sink in on this one”

After five years jam-packed with joy and sadness, death and life - Tim Burgess opens up about the rebirth of the Charlatans.

Belle & Sebastian: “As usual, we haven’t done things by the book”

Stuart Murdoch opens up about the band's most varied, political and personal album to date, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance.

Best Fit Producer of the Year 2014: Hookworms’ MJ

The man at the forefront of British DIY discusses his recording roots, resisting London's lure and his uncompromising Twitter presence with Best Fit.

Label of The Year 2014: Transgressive Records

Transgressive Records have a rich history and an exciting future, we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of a truly modern label.

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