The Best Fit Interview

Freddie Gibbs: “You can’t break no shit if you’re not aware of it”

Even gangsters have nightmares. Freddie Gibbs is no less haunted by his. We talk Piñata, Miles Davis and the history of slavery.

The Wytches: “This is just the sound of our entrance into the music world”

Describing their own music as "hard, loud and unlistenable", The Wytches open up to us about their debut album.

Cold Specks: “I think people think I’m gloomy, but I can be trippy when I want to be”

Ahead of her performance at End of the Road this weekend, we talk with Al Spx about collaborating with Michael Gira and the darkness of her songwriting.

J Mascis: “I consider myself a pretty spiritual person”

We talk with the Dinosaur Jr. frontman about meditation, acting and his latest solo record.

Don’t Look back in Anger: Manchester’s Warehouse Project returns to iconic venue

As Gold Panda, Four Tet and Caribou line up for an autumn run of club nights with the the Project, we meet the people behind the legendary venture.

Imogen Heap on Sparks and technology: “This was the first time I’d experienced the afterlife of me in code”

There are few musicians as engaged with technology as Heap - we talk the future of creativity, her new album, and her Reverb Festival.

YG: “People like dangerous shit”

Bicken Back Being Bool with YG.

Ben Daniels of A Sunny Day in Glasgow: “It’s more of a band now”

We talk to the band's spiritual leader Ben Daniels about how everything from writing over email, to Kickstarter, made their new record their most modern yet.

Soundchecking With Ronika

We hung out with Ronika during the soundcheck for her show at Birthdays.

Scott Hutchison on Owl John: “I would love it if this album appealed to people who hate Frightened Rabbit”

We speak to Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchison about his new project Owl John, and how it saved him and his band from self-destruction.

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