The Best Fit Interview

Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy: “There’s a lot of people out in the world who deserve an apology from me”

Meredith Graves takes the floor in what begins as a chance for the brilliant singer to talk about the things she loves, before revealing that she owes a few people some apologies...

Mount Kimbie: “We’re still a really new band”

We talk to the London duo about the direction of their new record and their involvement in Converse's CONS project.

Nils Frahm on SHEETS: “The more disposable, digital and virtual everything goes, the bigger the desire for something which lasts”

We talk to the well-known improviser about the process of transcribing his work to sheet music and the value of the physical in a digital age.


Best Fit gets an exclusive first interview with teenage production sensation XO.

In Stockholm with Seinabo Sey

Who does she think she is?! Seinabo Sey on finding her voice, making her debut album and why it's the Law of Jante, not the Law of The Jungle, that looms large.

LIZ: “You have to become a more fantastical version of yourself”

The relentlessly-upbeat Diplo-endorsed Californian dissects pop stardom with Best Fit's Maya Hambro.

Britt Daniel of Spoon: “This record is for playing loud in your car”

The Austin cult favourites' frontman talks the band's long lay-off, reinvigoration, and new influences, ahead of the long-awaited They Want My Soul.

Fránçois & the Atlas Mountains: “We’re not trying to be eccentric for the fun of being eccentric”

We talk the romance of the French language, the influence of African music & the UK government's approach to art with the French world-poppers.

Cloud Boat: “We wanted to be less introverted”

We talked tattoos, churches and the making of Model Of You with Sam Ricketts.

Slow Club: “We still get pretty excited if we’ve got two Travelodge rooms rather than one”

We talk Fleetwood Mac, solo projects, and keeping your feet on the ground with the Sheffield duo.

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