Proving that he is as comfortable in front of an acoustic instrument than a midi controller, Doyle played for the assembled crowd melancholic song "Don't Look Backwards" from his latest XL-released album Culture of Volume.

Doyle said of the set: "Hopefully the songs are strong enough that they don't need all the production all the time to succeed. That's sort of the idea of what I do anyway - that if you strip back all the stuff at least there'll be some semblance of a half-decent song. That's what I was trying to put a spotlight on."

Judging by the crowd reaction, he succeeded. Watch above.

East India Youth is currently on tour and is playing Coventry and Leeds on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2015. Buy tickets on his website.

Session directed by Sebastien Dehesdin, cameras Sebastien Dehesdin, Bella Riza, Julianna Kurokawa. Audio recorded and mixed by Ric James.