Former X Factor finalist, Aiden Grimshaw turned in a ridiculously fun (and significantly credible) performance at Brighton’s Great Escape festival a few weeks back, notable in that positive word-of-mouth spread like wildfire across the town in the hours afterwards.

His was a lone presence at the annual showcase of new music, a singular voice for proper pop music. It was a gamble that paid off.

Taking some time out post-Factor was probably a sensible idea and 2012 sees Grimshaw emerging from a year long creative cocoon with a fistful of solid tracks and a timely entrance back into the musical arena. The stars are poised to align for him: he’s still young (only 20), he’s grown into his looks and his voice, and he possesses a charm that effortlessly straddles the pages of The Sun, Take a Break and Attitude.

We’re serious about our love of fine quality pop music and when Aiden’s anthemic debut hit our in-boxes a month or so back, we were smitten. ‘Is This Love’ ticks all the right boxes for a modern pop song: solid video, club-leanings/production and a message of being smothered by a (soon to be ex) significant other. We had designs on Aiden as soon as we heard it and a matter of weeks later we smuggled him into the basement of a cheeky little shop-come-bar on the Caledonian Road in North London for an acoustic re-working of ‘Is This Love’ (which gets a release this Sunday).

Enjoy and then do yourself a favour and go follow the cheeky boy over on twitter.