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Venbee imagines what it's like to be "Messy In Heaven"

23 September 2022, 12:30 | Written by Abbie Aitken

Featuring larger-than-life lyrics, 21-year-old Venbee showcase her signature style on "Messy In Heaven", a collaboration with drum & bass producer Goddard.

Raised in Kent, Venbee was enamoured with music from a young age. By the age of nine, she had already taught herself the piano and guitar and knew that music was going to be part of her destiny. “[It's] one of the only things that help me get through the ups and downs of life,” she explains about music's imprint. “If I didn’t do music I’d probably be working for a dead-end job, only thinking ‘what ifs’.”

Venbee’s lyrics are heavily focused on storytelling elements, picking stories from her own or her friend’s lives. She finds that “music has always been a way for me to express myself and tell stories, whether they are mine or someone else’s… that’s why a lot of my songs are about my friend’s messy nights out!”

The first lyric of Venbee’s latest is unmissable. Beginning with a light guitar riff, her catching lyrics are at the forefront - “I heard Jesus did cocaine on a night out”. She continues to say “Eyes wide, dilated, but he’s fine now. And if his father ever finds out he’d probably knock his lights out”, as the track reimagines Jesus placed into a modern-day situation. Venbee explains that "Messy in Heaven" is not a “religious song, or meant to offend anyone. It’s simply about how some of the best people put others before themselves. As a result of this, sometimes they fall into a downward spiral.”

The track softly edges into a drum and bass beat. Venbee’s signature sound seeps into the song, dragging the focus away from the alerting lyrics and recentering around the feel of this heavenly dance track. "Messy in Heaven" sees Venbee back collaborating with Goddard too, expressing that together “we could turn it into something really cool! We bounce ideas really well and I’m so glad he was happy to do this with me.”

Venbee's first official single "low down" became a viral hit after a mass amount of exposure on social media. Similarly to "Messy in Heaven", the track begins with a solemn piano which then transcends into a dance track. Despite only just breaking out, Venbee’s success feels palpable. Of course, her musical sensibilities are at play, but also her genuine character. Said best herself, “I am and will always be unapologetically myself. I’m a bit of a nutter. When people listen to my songs, I hope they can relate.”

"Messy In Heaven" is out now. Find Venbee on Instagram.

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