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The Great Escape 2013: Friday

18 May 2013, 16:16 | Written by The Line of Best Fit


If yesterday was the warm-up leg then today was the real deal: Dan Carson and George O’Brien ran around Brighton so you didn’t have to.


Brolin - The Great Escape, Brighton 170513 | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk
Photograph by Howard Melnyczuk

Brolin absolutely flew through a Double Denim-curated set above a pub to kick-off day two. The loft room played host to a decent-sized crowd as the masked producer filled the stuffy attic with his cooling tones.

With just drums and a voice, it is a simple set-up, but, particularly the later songs like ‘NYC’ and his closer ‘Reykjavik;’ embrace their pop-like nature. The blend of manufactured and actual drums simmer through the tiny room, while his chilling vocal leads proceedings. There is something about Brolin that is lacking in his contemporaries, we’re not quite sure what it is, maybe it’s hidden underneath that mask of his.GB

Empress Of

Of Empress - The Great Escape, Brighton 170513 | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk
Photograph by Howard Melnyczuk

The Brooklyn based ambient singer sights “X-files, Fresh Prince of Bel Air (seasons 1-3 with the original aunt viv)” as her influences and her set is as sought-after as a reformed Will Smith show, as punters line the stairs of the Fitzherberts bar.

Her first ever UK show is massively captivating; dreamy vocals lead the way, while heady, manufactured synths pound through. She is captivating, in terms of her obvious excitement to be playing in Brighton and her energy and intensity is completely endearing – ‘Hat Trick’ is a really memorable moment.GB

San Zhi

Gorgeously soft pop rock washes the Unitarian Church for Best Fit’s own stage, as UK five-piece San Zhi flood the busy venue with their heady combination of FX-heavy guitar and warm synth lines.

‘Ice Light’ stands out, as well as an ambiguous track with their best riff; unclear whether it is a Lauren Hill number, the band contradict themselves explaining who wrote it but ownership becomes irrelevant as soon as the piano line kicks-off. A crackling mini megaphone adds depth to the already intriguing vocal and it is an entirely dreamy set from the exciting group.GB

Josef Salvat

Josef Salvet - The Great Escape, Brighton 170513 | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk
Photograph by Howard Melnyczuk

Hotly-tipped London-based Aussie, Joesf Salvat married his clear knack for songwriting with intensity and verve, as the evening closed-in at the Best Fit stage in Brighton.

Filling a veritable gap in the market, it is so refreshing to see a male singer, with a proper catalogue of hits, losing himself in honesty and pouring out a distinctive vocal. ‘This Life’ and ‘Hustler’ stand-out are undoubtedly highlights and give it time, and a band around him, this set could be genuinely breath-taking thanks to the quality of the tracks already in place.GB

Luke Sital-Singh

It would be a real challenge to see a better voice over this jam-packed weekend. The church setting couldn’t be better suited for the North London raconteur, as his powerful, but wonderfully controlled vocal screams out over the pews.

‘Bottled Up Tight’ is the set’s hit single, in a show filled with emotion and wonderful melancholy. There are middle-aged men in actual tears, captivated and shocked by the equal rawness and delicacy of his voice. Endearing, dry humour breaks-up this intensity, and it is a set filled with assurance from the very best ‘man and his guitar’ around – stunning.GB

Mykki Blanco

‘Dontcha just love a good showcase?’ hoots a seriously pumped up Mykki Blanco when she arrives front and centre, downstairs at Audio. The American rapper holds each and every one of us in the palm of her hand, negotiating the crunching beats and coronary-inducing bass throbs with deadly verve. Her live DJ – aided by the venue’s impeccable soundsystem – keeps things broiling over nicely with sinister, industrial oscillations but Mykki actually shines brightest when the backbeat drops out entirely. Writhing across the front row, cooing Marilyn Monroe quotes and glugging away at bottles of beer; even the deftest flick of her wrist commands total attention. The most enthralling show we’ve seen thus far; we expected nothing less to be honest.DC

Ewert and the Two Dragons

Ewart and the Two Dragons
Photograph by Andrew Novell

It’s a capacity crowd at the beautiful but tiny Prince Albert pub for the much-talked about Estonian four-piece’s first performance of the festival. With the entry being co-ordinated on a ‘tall guys at the back’ basis, we can just about catch a glimpse of the band as they gently pad their way through a set punctuated by tinkling xylophones, bounding kick drum and sweetly whispering guitar lines. Totally worth the long uphill slog from the seafront. DC


Following the neurotic rhyming and pulsing beats of Mykki Blanco was always going to be a tough task but London-based producer Tourist makes a strong fist of the mammoth task regardless. For those capable of concentrating on anything other than Blanco’s batshit mental dance moves; Brighton’s own William Phillips turns in a pretty energetic showing from behind his array of Midi controllers and synths. Whipping his hometown crowd into a fervour with a potent blend of swarming 2 step and mellow house; Phillips’ frothy vocal loops, skittish beats and bubbling bass are a match made in heaven for the suitably loosened-up dance-floor.DC

Rainy Milo

Rainy Milo - The Great Escape, Brighton 170513 | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk
Photograph by Howard Melnyczuk

Coalition’s got a really nice buzz going ahead of Rainy Milo’s late show. The South Londoner emerges and takes the howling, well-oiled crowd in the palm of her hand from the moment she brings the mic to her lips. She mightn’t yet feel fully confident in her own skin but the youngster’s silken, soulful tones speak for themselves. Bobbing her way through cuts from 2012 breakthrough EP, Limey, Rainy handles both delicate melancholy and ballsy, bassy future-pop with charm and grace. It’s by no means perfect but her sugared lilt alone keeps the future looking blindingly bright.DC

Lead photograph by Howard Melnyczuk

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