Tonight's performance was varied and stylistic, showing the breadth of their capabilities. It felt strongest at its most ravey moments, with bass reverberating through the crowd and Walton snaking her way across the stage in silhouette. But the calmer moments worked too; they managed to hold the room’s attention throughout the ten-minute long "Cool & Collected". This track was outstanding: the effortless vocals were amazing and, together, the duo complemented each other perfectly.

Arguably their most powerful song to date, the duo played the haunting "Donnie Darko" with added live recorder. In a live setting this added a cohesive layer to an already strong set as Hollingworth had previously played saxophone earlier in the set. As "Donnie Darko" expanded towards the end, Let’s Eat Grandma were at their immersive finest, proving their potential to fill an enormous space - physically and metaphorically. Still all smiles by the end, Let’s Eat Grandma are a powerful and playful force to be reckoned with and it seems they're just getting started.