Giving you everything you want from a modern synth-led electronic record including, clever beats, nostalgic interludes, and plenty of the best guests on board; Warm Digits’ latest intergalactic venture is a triumph.

Hemmed in by their perfectly-produced waves of soaring sound, Warm Digits are comfortable in their own uniquely contradicting creative world. In a limitless playground of calculated beats, they invite their guest vocalists to come and be free.

Latest single "Shake The Wheels Off" is an impeccable collaborative choice with shiny new disco saviours, The Orielles, in a piece of pure synth-pop indulgence. The colourful visuals that accompany the releases of this album are reinforcements of the Warm Digits image, while each collaborator is still left to their own devices to make the track their own.

"Feel The Panic" featuring The Lovely Eggs is infectious psychedelic electro-grunge. Vocalist Holly Ross makes real a sense of liberated freedom atop Warm Digits’ precise musicianship. Elsewhere the cavernous tones of Maximo Park’s Paul Smith feature on the astronomical "Fools Tomorrow", and the dreamy voice of Emma Pollock drifts through the frenetically funky "The View From Nowhere".

In a meticulously devised experimental landscape, Hodson and Jefferis are algorithmic geniuses. Flight of Ideas is a faultlessly gratifying collaborative masterpiece, with plenty to delve in to.