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Enter into the world of 2021 experimentalism with Treasure Bloom’s new EP Nostalgia


Release date: 06 August 2021
Treasure Bloom Nostalgia EP
11 August 2021, 13:55 Written by Joe Beer
When we think of experimental music, we think of something psychedelic and a tad erratic. Giving the experimental genre a new name, Treasure Bloom’s latest EP shows us it’s more about a dreamy journey of magic that dances around, emitting an edge and wonder, with each track straying a little off the sonic agenda. The artist’s EP Nostalgia is a six-track experimental, ethereal R&B collection, self-made from the man himself in the comfort of his home studio.

Kickstarting his EP, title-track “Nostalgia” swoops in with a particularly mellow and captivatingly calming entrance. The track allows us to hear the artists haunting, soft vocals taking the front row of the production. The attack of fluttering clicks, almost like the gentle snap of birds flying, is met by an energised riff that feels as if it could be entering into a 2000s pop-punk single. With the texture evolving, “Nostalgia” is a two-part book. The single ends, before coming into a wash of rippling layers and simple vocal melodies, eliciting visuals of daydreaming and being hopeful, all muffled by a trance of wistful emotion. The distorted vocals add a real quirk, no complaints on this kaleidoscopic tune, this is how experimentalism is done.

Then there is “Stay Safe”. This song is by far the most interesting single. It stands out against the others due to its darker nature. Despite the title, it’s an unnerving single. “Stay Safe” is booming in 808s, with soaring metallic cries and fuzzy bass lines. I see the vision and I hear the polished layers, but the average listener might find this track too much of a stray. The deep tones, heavy feel and the destructive essence of the soundscape is truly all encompassing. It’s clear that Treasure Bloom’s music is for those who can appreciate anything that doesn’t carry a pop structural sensibility.

The final track “Stepping Out” is a really vibey tune. This encapsulates the meaning of experimentation, while still keeping a real flow and connection throughout the song. Starting with a sweet folk vibe acoustic guitar, filled with a choir of vocals and an almost oriental flushed beat, this lo-fi single is warm, soothing and most enjoyable. There are strings, there are interesting adlibs, raindrop melodies and stunning harmonies that increase in intensity to a high, ethereal pitch. It’s hard to not bop your head in a gentle sway to this luscious track.

Overall, this is a highly refreshing take on experimental music. There are no real guidelines for any genre of music, but Treasure Bloom has indeed shown us how he blooms and this six-track endeavour is a nod to the hours of dedication and thought to draw the EP together. There is a continuous flow, perhaps “Stay Safe” steers off the Nostalgia highway, but that’s why this is experimental and not just your average pop or R&B record. His colourful imagination makes this an utterly memorable EP, it’s a story you follow and a journey to embark on.

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