But what do a group who emerged during the early eighties post-punk/DIY boom, outlived virtually all of their jangly C86 peers despite a series of line-up alternations and created at least one glowering early 1990s alt-rock masterpiece actually sound like in the era of Snapchat and self-driving vehicles? The lead single on Going, Going... is called “Bear”: a track that’s been included in Weddoes live sets since 2013. It chucks in a sort-of contemporary reference to “songs coming up on an iPod”, but otherwise it’s The Wedding Present as we’ve known/loved them since 1991’s tour de force Seamonsters - opening squalls of feedback, a deceptively sweet melody, and Gedge’s lyrics fluctuating between self-lacerating and acrimonious in the midst of ferocious guitars.

We’re on far less familiar ground with a number of the other 19 tracks, though - several of which were apparently inspired by a road trip across America made a couple of summers ago by Gedge and his partner, photographer Jessica McMillan. “In case you didn’t notice, I’m a different person now” Gedge affirms on “Little Silver”, and the claim is given proof via the expansion of shimmering instrumental opener “Kittery” into regal, almost Mogwai-esque territory, the minimal post-rock of “Greenland” and the delicate intertwining male/female vocals on “Marblehead” which recall the atmospheric collaborations between Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan.

Elsewhere “Emporia” and “Broken Bow” bring the seething noise, “Secretary” the jittery Buzzcocks-style social anxiety. “Bells” features more terrific Gedge lyricism (“I called you ‘Darling’ because I’d already forgotten your name / What a total unqualified disaster this all became...”) and there’s a lovely touch as the final track, “Santa Monica”, quotes the band’s own “A Million Miles” from debut album George Best: a delightful - if brief - acknowledgment of The Ghosts of Indie Pop Past as The Wedding Present’s focus remains fixed on new horizons.