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Search The Line of Best Fit
15 June 2010, 16:00 Written by

Much like Heinz Beans and Fairy Liquid, the Chemical Brothers are a beacon of comfort and dependability for UK dance music, and indeed UK music in general. Whilst their contemporaries, past and present, have fallen by the wayside or only just joined the race, the Chemicals have stoically been there from the start and fully intend to make it to the finish line.

Further is their seventh album, and fizzles into being with ‘Snow’, which vocally borrows heavily from Sigur Ros with high-pitched, layered voices repeating motifs, accompanied by a swirl of low drones, building to the sound of releasing pressure, before ending on pure vocals.

A curiously low-tempo track to start the album with, but perhaps already aiming for that euphoric sound the Chemical Brothers do so well, garnering anticipation of what’s to come.

The next track, ‘Escape Velocity’ is literally the sound of the album taking off. A huge build of amusement arcade and aircraft sounds, the track takes off and continues to rise at several points throughout its 12 minutes, climbing a little higher each time.

‘Horse Power’, with actual whinnying and neighing, (and a possible less than subtle nod to current rave drug of choice, Ketamine), is a low down and dirty filthy stomp of a track, all thumps and bangs and three note loops.

With very few vocals on Further, the emphasis sits firmly on the sounds, perhaps a return electronic dance roots after collaborations with Kele Okereke, Richard Ashcroft and Beth Orton propelled them into the indie sphere. ’Swoon’, however, soaring melodic euphoria, that works at both 11am on a weekday and 3am on a Friday night. Followed by ‘K+D+B’, the only track to maintain a low-tempo throughout. It’s a perfect come-down; lo-fi scuzziness, with hints of a melody line – it has a beautiful ‘new-era’ feel. It almost serves as proof that whatever direction they choose to wander in, they can give it a firm Chemical stamp and welcome it into the fold.

Lurching from huge, arms-in-the-air, limb-failing, wanton abandonment, to low-tempo downtime, to shimmering effervescent psychedelia to juddering synths, there’s not a weak track on the album. Chemical Brothers have, quite simply, done it again.


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