Three years later, Tasha returns, this time with more confidence and experience to deliver Tell Me What You Miss The Most, a carefully thought out effort. We find a collection of particularly introspective songs around her personality. Tasha appreciates above all the simple things in life, i.e. love, desire, nostalgia, well-being, dreams, nature or even the seasons that animate her creativity and her state of mind. Tell Me What You Miss The Most offers us delicious suspended ballads by letting us enter her secret garden.

Without modesty, listening to Tell Me What You Miss The Most gives the impression of being in a total bliss. As if the sweet voice and the clear-sighted atmosphere of this journey were constantly rocking you. You feel so immediately light that you are ready to enjoy the touching writing and the soundscapes that the author offers.

First of all, the introduction and the outroduction "Bed Song 1" / "Bed Song 2" work as a thread in this new opus. Opening the doors of her universe, it's then safe to approach "History", a sweet and vulnerable break-up song, or the poignant and crescendo ballad "Sorry's Not Enough" where we feel this emotional intensity unfolding little by little.

In order to avoid this honeyed world from ironically hypnotizing you, Tasha's versatility and the album's intelligent progression keeps this second album appealing. Take for example the absolutely revitalizing "Perfect Wife". Finally, Tasha also knows how to propose delicious folk ballads on "Burton Island" or "Lake Superior". Tell Me What You Miss The Most is not only an endearing record, but it's also a beautiful tour de force for Tasha