He boasts a charm of cowboy country blues and has the world intertwined in his nostalgic genre of music and ‘we are the people, we are one’ ethos.

Opening with title track "Love & Peace", it paves the way for the albums main theme of grizzly tones and untouched guitar-strumming blues. Despite Steve’s mildly threatening appearance, donning his classic country-American flannel shirts and dungaree’s, he is a worldly-known hippy. ‘I’m a regular man’, he sings in second track on the album ‘Regular Man’, consisting of authentic harmonica melodies and hard-rock guitar. Steve sings about being a normal guy, who just wants a world filled with good blues tunes and heart-eyed pedestrians picking flowers for each other. Not only is Steve an advocate for peace, but also a strong believer in self-made success and hard work. ‘Clock is Running’ talks of the fear of taking chances and making changes in your routine-filled life. Take that trip you wanted, travel, eat that bloody cake. ‘Clock is Running’ is a wonderful grizzly ballad that is simple yet effective – much like the rest of this album. Seasick Steve seems to have his shit together, and not only that, he makes fantastic nostalgic blues tunes in the process of being a lifestyle guru.

Love & Peace is a first-class homage to Seasick Steve’s fruitful yet simple life, a playful corroboration of his already established and successful music career. An ode to us normal folk who constantly encounter hyper-beautiful people due to social media’s unreachable beauty standards. Raw, thoughtful, and thought-provoking, Love & Peace teleports you to the dusty plains of America’s vast countryside where life seems a little simpler.