renfro are an experimental electronica outfit with a peculiar style all to themselves – their sound is of electronics and systems breaking down, populated as it is by throbbing repetitions and crispy pops and clicks as if produced by still-connected circuit boards and children’s toys liberally doused in fuel and set aflame. The pace is often languid, the songs often long and meandering, framing quiet, introspective and even slightly effeminate vocals – and yet somehow this is all deeply affecting and engaging. With so much music, we seem to find ourselves waiting and idling on a moneyshot chorus moment in songs that hang determinedly from their hooks. renfro (not uniquely, of course) reject this kind of songwriting and, consequently, we find ourselves listening intently despite, or even because of, the fact that we know there will not be a conclusive epiphany moment. Such is life. (more…)