Mi Mye is the moniker of Wakefield-based-Scotsman Jamie Lockhart. Joined by a number of friends. They were born in the summer of 2003 in Skerray Village Hall, in the North Scotland when Lockhart set up an 8-track tape recorder and recorded his first batch of songs with a fiddle, a melodica, and guitar.

Now, the sound has come a long way from featuring just those three instruments but they certainly form the backbone of Senc To The Shaking. Lockhart’s lyrics are world-weary and unsure, giving a pinch of sincerity to a formula that keeps things simple but effective. Opener ‘Mi Mye’s Phone Bill’ flares in a burst of sound, with the fiddle, guitar and Lockhart’s earnest voice playing a key part in the brilliance of it all.

Senc To The Shaking effortlessly features a combination of wonky pop songs (‘Itchyear Eachyear’, ‘In The Morning’) and slow burning laments (‘Senc To The Shaking’, ‘Your Last Love Song’, ‘Minus Ten’) to create an album of interesting variation. There isn’t too much self-indulgence to overwhelm the listener, as is often the case with similar bands (Los Campesinos!). Stand out track ‘2 Sunrises’ is a wonderful swelling pop song, combining hat tips to Lulu and a wonder fiddle-drenched climax.

Senc To The Shaking is far from being a perfect record, but if it was perfect it wouldn’t be half as charming. What Lockhart has created is a debut album filled to the brim with unique pop songs featuring melancholic lyrics that make you think as well as dance.