There’s always been an appealingly odd corniness to Kalevi’s music, but Out of Touch lacks the bite present on previous records. This easy-listening schtick makes sense with the backstory of the record – that millennial classic of switching off your phone in favour of “real” human interaction – but it suffers when stretched over a 40 minute set. A smooth, bland sheen coats the entire thing, and on most of the tracks Kalevi’s vocals are incomprehensible.

First single “Emotions in Motion” is a standout: its kooky, aloof charm is matched with discernable lyrics, and a hook that much of the record lacks. The blissed-out synths of “This World” and “Outside” would be welcome downtime amongst punchier surrounds. The outright corniness of some of the tracks – the steel drums of “Night Chef”, the softened yacht-rock of “Conceptual Mediterranean (Part 1)” – test the listener’s patience. Ultimately the purposeful superficiality of Out of Touch renders it inessential.