Their modern day psych-rock credentials are second to none: signed to Californian Castle Face Records (co-run by John Dwyer of Oh Sees amongst others), while the band itself contains current and past members of premium psych artists such as Oh Sees, Ty Segall Band and Dream Boys, this debut sounds exactly like you'd expect from reading that.

The influence of the Oh Sees, particularly in a live environment, is evident here, and seeing as they're arguably the best live band on the planet, having the opportunity to put something on at home and want to break stuff whilst listening to it as an opportunity not to be missed. The closing track, and first release, "Red Hot Sand", almost epic for them in length (over five minutes), is primetime lesson in post-punk intensity: fuzz bass, the sound of a thousand vomitting guitars, an earworm riff thrown in which could've existed on Is This It by The Strokes and cool as anything vocal detatchment, it's a piece of music which if you manage to get to the end of, you'll back to the beginning again, and again, and again.

There's no hidden agenda here, the intention is to make as much noise as quickly as possible, and it sure does that, there's no deviation, no clever studio trickery, just in your face ear affrontery. It's a shattering, but ultimately thrilling listen.