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Yorkshire’s rising stars English Teacher set the framework for a bright future with EP Polyawkward

"Polyawkward EP"

Release date: 22 April 2022
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26 April 2022, 21:09 Written by Kieran Macadie
Nice Swan Records signees English Teacher have been quickly climbing towards widespread recognition since their breakthrough single "R&B" last year, and their debut EP Polyawkward proves they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Polyawkward is a solid body of work from a fresh young band that intend to make their mark on music – filled with absurdist humour, orbiting guitar riffs and punchy melody. The lyrical mundanity on topics such as lockdowns, hangovers and supermarket trips make for some hilarious lyrics that mask a sad depth demonstrating the struggles of being a young adult. The layers of emotion within the lyrics show genius song writing.

The fuzzy and melodic instrumentation across the EP is a perfect conveyer belt to push along the heartfelt and hilarious lyricism. The richly melodious guitar riff on the track "A55" is nothing short of beautiful, sounding like the duo Hers with a bit more gain and less reverb. Alongside the guitar, the closing track "Good Grief" has a stomping groovy bassline that allows the track to perfectly glide along with the bass at a hypnotising pace.

A highlight of the EP is the track "Yorkshire Tapas" which begins with an amazing spoken-word intro from frontwoman Lily Fontaine that tells the typical Yorkshire story of falling in love, starting with a date in the pub all the way to buying ladles and pans together in Ikea. The track suddenly explodes into frantically heavy instrumentation with some prog-rock hints that wonderfully close the track. Other highlights include "A55" and the hilarious "Mental Maths’"with its mundane lyrics about what could only be the Aldi middle aisle with those added layers giving extensive depth.

With a formidable 2022 already well underway for English Teacher, Polyawkward is a clear statement from the band demonstrating exactly what they’re about, but also ensuring that they will continue their speedy rise to the top of the game. English Teacher becoming key players amongst the emerging indie elites is at full speed ahead, proven by the sheer quality and effort put into this wonderful EP. A fine effort indeed.

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