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Chris Pidsley warms the soul in the friendly and familiar Daisies


Release date: 30 July 2021
Chris pidsley daisies
02 August 2021, 09:23 Written by Joe Beer
In the world of music, we often get drawn to the modern-day electronic sounds and synthesisers from the most state of the art DAWs and technology. But sometimes the most simple of analogue recordings hit home the most. Meet Gloucestershire born Chris Pidsley, now thriving in the fast-paced city life of London, as he drops the new five-track EP, Daisies.

With the likes of musicians paving the way for 21st century acoustic music, Pidsley draws on inspiration from the likes of Rex Orange County giving off that warm, intimate rush of acoustic energy through his music. Much like the rest of the EP, Daisies is indeed comforting and cosy, perhaps less of a tequila shot of pop and more of a milky cup of tea in the music world. Curated at home, this DIY catalogue of tracks feels homemade but polished enough that the hints of bubbling digital melodies stand out as having a delightful pop punch.

The first track “Tie Dye T-Shirt” comes swooping in amongst a woozy haze of muffled vocals with a young, romantic lyrical aesthetic, “you wear t-shirt back to front and inside out / but you still look good somehow”. His youthful approach brings an energy of excitement and angst. “Listen To Your Mum” has a tender, sweet emotional tag, however, the production doesn’t do the lyrical magic justice, feeling a little forced. Unlike his final track “Rosie” where simplicity bodes well for showing the true power of minimalist soundscapes and affecting words.

“Daisies” is a sweet and calming song oozing lullaby vibes with glassy chimes and charming backing melodies. This song will make you smile. From slow and dreamy to spikey, fluttering guitar riffs in “Skinny”, the EP swims into a more indie feeling, switching up the mood and direction of the Daisies. Speaking about body positivity, the message of this track is totally relatable and with that electric charge, the single sounds far less DIY and more live festival-esque, which is highly appreciated after this last year. Moments of fast singing/rap feels very early Ed Sheeran, with a more delicate, subtle indie-rock twist.

What you cannot take away from this country turned city boy is his raw authenticity when it comes to writing from the heart. It’s clear “Rosie” carries the most pain and love. The completely bare-boned track leaves no sonic flesh, this is a song of emotion and deepest feeling, a real treat to get from any artist. The song has a melancholic and hopeful feeling, as he sings, “Rosie / tell me you're my one and only, open up your eyes and let me in”.

Despite its homemade twang, this delightful EP will make you feel at home in the furthest of locations. Pidsley can assure a warm vocal and elusive dream-like array of guitar riffs and melodies. The EP tackles a range of topics, some personal and some more universally relatable, but all in all, Daisies is as real as they come both sonically, emotionally and in all other walks and ways of life you can think of. This is a highly enjoyable, sweet EP leaving you feeling cosy and content post indulgence of the five-track saga.

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