The album opens with a track called "Bad Bitch" ("'Cause I'm a bad bitch / Tell me you haven't noticed / I decide what's wrong or right"). She sings about being "insecure" yet she sounds as confident and as ever. A total badass. "Bad Bitch" was written after a 'horrific' meeting with someone from the music industry which left OC her feeling confused. She used the negative experience to her advantage and wrote the track as a result.

Here Comes Trouble is bold, and Charlotte OC's vocals are raw across songs such as "Inevitable" - so much so that you can really feel the pain in her lyrics. The song is dedicated to her father, who passed away recently. Meanwhile, "Bad News" is a feisty track about feeling resentment after a breakup.

"Mexico" describes the exact moment OC knew that her relationship was falling apart ("Can someone send me my lover? / I really need him home"). It's an honest track where OC is unafraid to be at her most vulnerable. This theme continues on "Working On It" which is a catchy yet heartbreaking song about being on a self-destructive path. On "Blue Boy" her vocals are sensual. They soar and they shine on this track and hold a vast amount of emotion in them ("You thought I was a liar / You thought that I was always doing you wrong").

In the depths of sadness and heartbreak, Charlotte OC has created an album which is empowering and thoughtful. She sings about being "through hell and back". If you're not careful, you will find your heart breaking just a little too… but in a good way.