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Alphabetical Order Orchestra - AOO1

Release date: 04 August 2014
Alphabetical Order Orchestra AOO1
12 August 2014, 11:30 Written by
Alphabetical Order Orchestra are My Latest Novel by any other name – a side project featuring three quarters of the remaining members of MLN – bothers Chris and Gary Deveney and Ryan King, plus Tiziano Galli and Al Carlisle. Got that? No, me neither quite frankly, and having not read the blurb before I gave the EP a spin, I thought I was listening to a stop-gap MLN EP.

In actuality, this is the first in a series of EPs from AOO, and knowing that this is the debut outing from a new project does give a somewhat different outlook, but the obvious similarities and comparisons are still inevitably drawn.

There is however an element of shaking off their previous monikers and shackles, as the somewhat eccentric nature of the EP feels like a fresh, carefree approach to the music.

Opener “The Architect” is most reminiscent of My Latest Novel, with chugging guitars, an blend of acoustic and electric, an anthemic build and slogan chorus – “I will never die” and “In the end/Has it ever killed anyone before to start again?” It most certainly wouldn’t have been out of place on Deaths and Entrances, and serves as a safe start to this new direction.

“The Corrections” is a pensive, reflective track with vocals and a lyrics that give it level of twee placing it in the realms of Belle & Sebastian – “look at all the stars and give them names you can’t take back”, followed by comprehensive lists of subjects which seem to bear no relation. There’s also the vocals that gave MLN their edge – as well as their rich Scottish accent there’s the wonderfully contrasting higher and lower pitches adding further depth.

“Supergods” progresses things a little further, with a funkier, glossier sound. Borrowing heavily from RnB, this brings a touch of swagger, contrasting with a surprisingly catch mantra about a phone not ringing that lodges itself in the brain like, ironically, an annoying ringtone. A stand-out, and a hopefully a hint of the further directions AOO are embarking on.

Finishing with “Waves”, a sparse, barren track, that again builds with a resonant lyric, this first EP is feels very much like what it is - a collection of ideas. There’s a long way to go before it emerges what the AOO sound will be, are the promising notions suggest it’s worth sticking around to find out.

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