The Singapore-born, London-based artist's track is the first new material from yeule since last year's "My Name is Nat Ćmiel", and sees her join forces with producer Danny L Harle.

You may need to set aside quite a bit of time to listen to the full "The Things They Did for Me Out of Love" track, as it's four hours and forty-four minutes long.

yeule says of the collaboration, "Over the last few years, we have collaborated on many artistic endeavours, but this was one most intrinsically aligned to the way we see things similarly. Harle coins this as 'The Cathedral of the Mind'. I had collected and collected all of these pictures and poems, and going deep into the inside of my own head. Meditating, trying to understand, and in itself experiencing an ego death so empty that it scared me beyond what I thought fear could manifest. And then there was silence. I felt peace, like a dreamless sleep."

As well as releasing "The Things They Did for Me Out of Love" this year, yeule shared a cover of Big Thief's "Cattails" in April.

yeule's "The Things They Did for Me Out of Love" track is out now.