"Catch Me If You Can" follows on from last month's Oscar Scheller collaboration "Nosebleed".

Yaeger says her latest outing is for "all the people who’ve told me I think too highly of myself. Who want me to smile less and spread LESS good energy. Ya'll are boring! :) I’ve always been judged for dreaming. Just because someone's dream might sound ‘bigger’ than others, it doesn’t mean you’re not equal. People's dreams can all look so different??! Wanna have a bakery someday? Great! Wanna be an astronaut someday? Great! Wanna start a kennel someday? Great! Wanna be a Popstar!? GREAT!!! Keep on dreaming, surround yourself with positive people, and don’t let the bad energy catch you."

She's yet to follow up her 2019 EP Fixed-Gear. As well as linking with Oscar Scheller on "Nosebleed", Yaeger collaborated with Casper The Ghost on "Peace n War" back in March.

Yaeger's "Catch Me If You Can" single is out now on Chess Club Records.