The 10th anniversary reissue of Civilian was announced in July with Cut All The Wires: 2009–2011, a collection of previously unreleased songs and demos from the Civilian era, and today (7 September) they've shared a demo version of "Holy Holy", which follows July's previously unreleased track "Electricity".

Andy Stack wrote of "Electricity" and the Cut All The Wires: 2009–2011 collection in July, "After playing "Electricity" in live shows for a year or so around 2009, we made a studio recording but never mixed it, and ultimately decided to shelve the song. And so, it was relegated to the dustbin of time, AKA an old hard drive which I did not unearth until 2020 when I came looking for old photos and other memorabilia from the Civilian era. On my old drive, I found a treasure trove of material which we had both forgotten ever existed - original demos, live versions of the songs, and, most exciting, a bunch of fully realised studio recordings from this era which never saw the light of day."

"Holy Holy (Demo)" is out now. Wye Oak's Civilian + Cut All the Wires: 2009–2011 10th anniversary reissue will arrive 22 October via Merge, and is available to pre-order now.