Jack Tatum, aka Wild Nothing, has held the baton for fresh, ethereal chillwave for a while. All has been quiet since 2016's Life Of Pause, but today, he returns with news of a fourth Wild Nothing album, and the lead single "Letting Go".

Still spinning intricate guitar melodies, Tatum adds an 80's twang, providing as much pop as indie on new track "Letting Go".

Speaking about his upcoming album, Tatum stated, “I wanted it to sound like a classic studio record, as close as I could get it there. It just boils down to me wanting to fit into some larger narrative, musically, in terms of these artists I love. I think about how my music will age. Ideas of ‘timeless’ are going to be different—so if Indigo is not timeless then it’s at least ‘out of time.’”

New album Indigo is out 31 August via Captured Tracks. Find the tracklist below.


  1. Letting Go
  2. Oscillation
  3. Partners In Motion
  4. Wheel of Misfortune
  5. Shallow Water
  6. Through Windows
  7. The Closest Thing To Living
  8. Dollhouse
  9. Canyon on Fire
  10. Flawed Translation
  11. Bend