The American quartet are well on their way to gearing up for a busy 2018. With a string of festival dates across the globe, the Texas psych rock, psych blues group will continue their streak of great music as they reveal their lead track "Magazin".

Taken from upcoming album Performance, White Denim maintain a summer sound, softly swaying in and out of 60's infused psychedelia and blues-y riffs that make your ear canals smile.

While the jam-packed announcement is more than enough to get excited about, the Texas group have also announced a double show at London's Moth Club, both on 29 August. Furthermore, an appearance at London's Rough Trade East will be happening the day before, on 28 August.

Speaking about the new album, frontman James Petralli explains, "It’s still fun to sit and have an idea that’s kind of silly and chase it down in a room full of adults that are all committed to making something great. The absurdity of it as a career and a way to spend your time is so... liberating. Every time I get a chance to go into the studio and make a record or just hang out with people and talk about records, it feels like an extraordinary gift. That’s who we are as people.”

The multi-genre group are still dedicated to their ethos after 12 years and seven albums as White Denim.

New album Performance is out 24 August via City Slang.